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Everything I do is for my daughter. I only want the best for her life. So when her father finally decided that after three years he wanted to get to know her, I put my feelings aside and allowed him in. Not to be with me, but to be a daddy to her. Well, a few things came with him that I wasn’t prepared for—a crazy ass girlfriend who wanted to guard her territory at any cost and a fine ass uncle that made it clear he wanted my attention.


My sister/friend Laney is telling me to go for it, but my conscience is messing with me on a daily and telling me that it’s just too close for comfort. But the heart wants what the heart wants and before long, I start to feel that pull toward this man who makes me feel like no other man ever has.



When I first saw Malina, I knew I had to have her. Yeah, there’s code that says if your family has touched the merchandise, then you don’t entertain it. But Malina isn’t just any woman. Because not one woman that I’ve ever encountered made me want to reach out and touch her on sight—but she did. From the way she carried herself, to the way she looked at me, I knew that if she let me in, she would know what it was like to be loved for real . . . and by a real man.



I’m not perfect by any means. I’ve done my share of dirt. I can’t even say for sure that my dirty deeds are done. I love women . . . a lot of them. As a result, I’ve had a few babies along the way—babies that I haven’t always done right by; so I’m setting out to change that and do what a real father is supposed to do. Problem is the woman I’m “with” doesn’t really grasp the concept of what it is I’m trying to do and her reaction to it all causes a whole lot of chaos.



I’m territorial. I don’t make excuses for it. It’s who I am. And when I feel that somebody is trying to step into my zone and steal what belongs to me, I react. This chick, Malina, who opened her legs to my man and had his child, thinks she’s going to come in with her daughter and claim a spot that never belonged to her. She’s dead wrong. If I have to show her what that means, that’s what it’ll be. But she won’t like it if it does come down to that, so if I was her, I’d tread carefully.


“Family Ties” is a love story at its core, but inside of this love story, many other themes appear; the primary one being that love really has no boundaries when it comes to family…


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Perri Forrest


Perri Forrest is a California based author with seventeen titles to her credit. A writer who becomes one with her characters, Perri has produced numerous outstanding titles including having reached number one in African American Romance on the Amazon Best Sellers list. The fan favorite novel, Captivated was an international hit debuting at number two in Women’s Fiction for three consecutive weeks on the Amazon Best Sellers list in the United Kingdom and the United States.


Having studied psychology, Perri delves into the intrinsic elements that make her characters tick. She consistently creates strong female leads weaving in the complexities of fiction and real life. This dynamic writer, who has penned stories since a preteen, ensures that each novel is mixed with insight, passion and love. Having only professionally written for just shy of three years, Perri was nominated Best Romance Author of 2015 by Urban Books, Authors, and Writers of America (UBAWA).


An unintentional venture into blogging allowed Perri to express her raw emotion, break down her personal barriers and explore her gift of writing. Ultimately Perri’s blogs resulted in fans adoring her work and clamoring to read more. Writing quickly became her sole driving force, her goal is to nurture the minds and hearts of the readers who trust her to feed their literary appetites.


When not creating her own captivating characters, Perri can be found enjoying a good suspense thriller. She lists the work of James Patterson, Terry McMillan and Jackie Collins as being among her favorites. She also loves playing Words with Friends, which has been a constant companion while writing the bulk of her literary works.



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Watcher by MariaLisa deMora

Title: Watcher

Series: Rebel Wayfarers MC, #9

Author:  MariaLisa deMora

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: November 14, 2016


Watcher is known in the MC community as a man with strong beliefs. His sense of honor has been built in him from childhood, forged in the mountains of Kentucky, rooted there by family and circumstance. In the ever-changing world of outlaws, he’s made a place for himself, winning a seat at the table for negotiations and decisions that impact not only his club, but those around him. Powerful men ask for his counsel, revealing a trust and respect that can only be earned. His family loves and supports him, too, and he protects his wife and children with a fierceness that consumes. Enemies loom on the horizon, because for every man he calls brother, there are those who would take everything from him.
Full description:

Michael Otey learned early in life that people outside the ranks of family and close friends were not to be trusted. They were the kind of folks who would use you right up, betraying and throwing you away once your usefulness was exhausted. At sixteen, life nearly derailed in a moment of rage, he was presented with two impossible choices. He selected a track, prayed it was the right one, and set foot on the path of honor, because even at such a young age, he knew honor mattered.

Almost immediately things started looking up in his life. The Army molded him into a soldier, giving him no choice but to excel. Through years of service, the men in his unit forced him to become a leader, moving him to that role by demonstrating with every action that they believed he was trustworthy. Brothers in arms.
That was when death and destruction once again rocked his world, forcing another impossible choice. Pierced through with a thirst for vengeance, raging and alone, he gravitated towards the kind of men who shared his feelings. Hard men, but ones filled with an unshakable sense of honor. Members of a motorcycle club who were not afraid to wreak devastation in support of the found family they shared. The Outriders MC. Brothers in spirit.
To escape the ghosts haunting them both, his older brother had launched his own club, filled with veterans and soldiers. His brother’s stories about his members set up a longing deep inside him, and Mike found himself reaching towards the forgiveness and peace his brother had found. But, in an atmosphere drowning in blood and hate, peace was hard to find. Determined to start fresh, it wasn’t long before Mike, now known as Watcher, followed his brother west, finding a true home as a Southern Soldiers. Brothers in truth.
Then, on what should have been a routine run into Old Mexico, Watcher was confronted by both loss and hope. He saved a doe-eyed beauty from a life branded by pain, but in turn lost the last close link to his family. In her it seemed he found a reason for carrying on, even perhaps a chance at love. As he rebuilt his life, he vowed to keep her safe and the club strong, promising to protect everything that mattered. Brothers. Family. Honor. To do that, Watcher would need to open long-tattered connections to Kentucky, reaching far into his pain-filled past and calling on Davis Mason and the Rebel Wayfarers MC.
Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.

– Nietzsche




From Chapter 1: Kentucky backwoods
Fifteen-year-old Michael Otey stood at the top of the path, shoulders back, long arms relaxed at his sides. His ma promised he’d grow into his reach soon, said Mikey just had to be patient. From where he waited, right where the path doglegged sharply, he could see the pitch in the grade as the dirt track plunged down the steep mountainside towards the holler. He was watching his pa and one of their neighbors walk the trail that led towards the mine entrance. Not quite dawn, the early light streaming through the fog-filled air created odd shadows, making the men appear as dark silhouettes—featureless and eerie when glimpsed through the trees. His pa turned just before the path crooked at the bottom of the hill and waved, one long arm extending far over his head and holding there until Mikey waved back.
Next year Mikey would be pacing the same trail alongside them, taking his turn in the elevator to be deposited into the bowels of the earth. Not yet, though. His pa was adamant Mikey not take the burden on until he was at least sixteen.
Turning and jogging five long strides off the path and into the woods, Mikey oriented himself, then set off at a steady trot back home, staying off the path for this leg of the trip. Eyes down, he scanned the ground ahead and to either side, occasionally stopping to collect black morel mushrooms growing from the hillside. Practiced motions allowed him to leave the roots intact, the soft stems of the black and gray fungus falling to the pinching pressure of thumb meeting fingertip. Elbow tucked inside the bag slung over his shoulder, Mikey cradled the mushrooms in both hands as he opened the container and placed them inside. With a self-satisfied grin, he allowed himself a moment of pride at the haul he would be dropping on his mama’s table in about five minutes. Morels were a cash crop on a good week and a stew-stretcher on a bad one. She would be well pleased because most of the ‘shrooms were big and clean.
In the barn later that afternoon, he’d been working his way through the daily list of jobs, and was measuring out chicken feed. This was normally Tabby’s chore, but at only six, she was too short to reach the bottom of the barrel, and was prone to lean too far, tipping herself inside. So, when it was nearly empty, as it currently was, dipping out a scoop or two of grain on her behalf was far easier than retrieving an angry little sister from the depths of the round prison. It hadn’t happened often, but for him even once was too much, so if he were in a place to do so, he would meet her in the barn of an evening and help fill her bucket. Mikey was head-and-chest inside the barrel, scraping down near the bottom, having tuned out her little voice ratchet-jawing away above him. Tabby was jabbering animatedly about a dolly she’d seen in the mail-order catalog and how her birthday was only four months away when he felt it come over him. A spine-tingling strangeness washing through the air like soot before a storm.
First was the stillness. It seemed like noises were caught on the wind like cottonwood seeds in a cobweb; the waves of sound suspended as if they were dust motes in a sunbeam.
Then Pa’s old mare squealed. The normally sedate horse kicked out hard at the walls of her wooden stall, the sounds she made were both sharp and dull at the same time.
The earth underneath his feet stretched, jolting everything in the barn. It set the tools hanging from the long wall jangling discordantly against each other. Thinner metallic pings of hay tongs fighting against deeper gongs from shovels and rakes. Rattling and tumbling off the wall, falling in an awkward heap along the edge of the floor. Tabby’s voice, raised in a shout, quickly cut off. As fast as the ground had lifted, it seemed scarcely a breath later when it fell back into place, the shudder that accompanied it moving through Mikey’s bones, setting his teeth to aching as it tumbled him into the barrel headfirst. He pressed his hands to the sides of the container, legs kicking, arms working to edge himself backwards.
Finally, sound re-entered the world with a rush, coming with the faraway shrill racket of the emergency whistle three hollers over. Tinny and high-pitched when heard from his location, he knew if he were closer—when he stood under the tower during one of their monthly tests—the sound would beat like a fist, threatening to split his head down the middle with its ferocity. Tabby’s frightened questions echoed through the metal, words warped until they were unrecognizable. “Hold on,” he told her, shoving again and feeling the barrel’s metal lip bite into his waist. “Can’t hear ya, Tabby. Hold on.”
He had barely extracted himself from the barrel when Ma ran into view, coming to a halt in the barn doorway. Chest heaving from her sprint from the house, her eyes were wide and nearly as frightened as the mare’s, showing whites all around. “Mikey,” she half screamed, half yelled, “you see to Tabby. I’ma goin’ to the mine.” She didn’t even wait for his response. She simply whirled on her heel and then raced away, long legs eating the distance, toes flying out in front of her to punch down into the ground. Then her knee lifted and she hit her stride, the kick of her muscles driving her on again. He stood and stared at the slowly swinging door for a long time. Long after she was out of sight. Long after Tabby had gone quiet—questions lodged in her throat as the seriousness settled onto her. Long enough for the siren to cut off, winding down to a silence more painful than the whistle had been.
Something bumped into his hip, and he looked down to see Tabby had her face buried in his side, arms wrapped around his waist. Her grabbing him hadn’t registered, but the sight—her bucket, empty but still dangling from her arm, handle digging into her skin, swinging once again to tap lightly at his hip—broke him from the paralysis threatening to swallow him whole. Carefully peeling her off him, he took the bucket and dropped it into the barrel, then bent in and filled it. “Here you go, Tabs,” he said gently, straightening and holding it out. A taste of normal would help settle them both. “Go take care of the hens.”
She reached and took the bucket from his hands, her little arms strained with the weight. Still facing away from him, her words asked the empty doorway, “When’s Ma gonna be home?”
“I don’t know, Tabs.” Gaze on the same doorway, bereft of movement, stripped of hope, he repeated himself, underscoring his feelings of helplessness at the moment. “I don’t know.”
© MariaLisa deMora


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Author Bio

Raised in the south, MariaLisa learned about the magic of books at an early age. Every summer, she would spend hours in the local library, devouring books of every genre. Self-described as a book-a-holic, she says “I’ve always loved to read, but then I discovered writing, and found I adored that, too. For reading … if nothing else is available, I’ve been known to read the back of the cereal box.”

A hockey fan, hiker, gamer, and single mom of a special needs son, she embraces her inner geek and has been working in the tech field for a publishing company for a couple decades.

Music is a driving passion, and she says, “I love music of nearly any genre — jazz, country, rock, alt rock, metal, classical, bluegrass, rap, hip hop … you name it, I listen to it. I can often be seen dancing through the house in the early mornings. But I really, REALLY love live music. My favorite thing with music is seeing bands in small, dive bars [read: small, intimate venues]. If said bar [venue] has a good selection of premium tequila, then that’s a plus!”

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Book Review: What Light by Jay Asher



I went back and forth on this, because I genuinely hate leaving bad reviews for authors, particularly authors whose past work I’ve admired. In this one though- I think it’s important that parents/educators get a heads up about some of the messaging. There will be spoilers below, so please stop reading if you’re uncomfortable with that

This book centers around the romance between Sierra, whose parents run a Christmas tree lot that takes her to California for a month each season, and Caleb- a boy she meets with a shady past. We learn pretty quickly that Caleb’s past centers around badly reacting to his parents divorce in a way that made him once run after his sister with a knife, and begin stabbing her bedroom door. We’re told over and over again that this was an accident, that he never *really* meant to hurt his sister, and that he’s a charming nice guy who needs to be given a second chance.

I wonder if Mr. Asher ever considered how toxic a message that is to write for an audience of primarily teenage girls: That a boy who went into a violent rage could be charming and kind in spite of it, and that warning messages from her parents and friends can be ignored if he seems like a really good guy underneath it. Teen dating violence is an issue that puts (mostly) young women at risk, and I really dislike that this narrative centers around ignoring some pretty real warning signs of problems in the name of romance. Sierra also seemed to only exist as a character to fix Caleb’s problems- she was a pretty boring blank slate of a character, overly preoccupied with fixing everything for a boy who she had just met, knew had a violent past, and immediately jumped into fixing.

All of the characters aside from Caleb, including Sierra seemed like hollow stereotypes- especially her friends. Their relationships seemed like exactly what they were: and adult man’s impression of what teenage girl friendships are like. (Mostly centered around boys and shopping, with a little fake and overwrought drama)

It also meandered- for a book that was meant to take place over a four week period, I feel like I lost a year of my life. I had to force myself to keep reading several times.

I feel like the story Mr. Asher really wanted to tell was Caleb’s- and it’s a real shame his editor didn’t help him center the book around him, rather than making it a book about a girl who makes this boy the center of her world, immediately and without any judgment about possible repercussions.

I wouldn’t recommend, and if your daughter/student reads this- I’d probably try and layer in a conversation about the risks of dating violence, of warning signs, of girls not trying to do all the emotional work of “saving” a boy… and I’d try and get them to read some of the books about this topic.

13 Reasons Why did a good job in some cases of explaining how rape culture can hurt a teenage girl over time. This one made a girl taking on all the emotional burdens of a boy’s bad judgement into a romance and encouraged girls to ignore real warnings signs that a boy could be violent and a threat to them.

Cover Reveal : Duplicity By Lisa J Hobman.

 photo banner_zpsgy6xzpca.jpg

Book: Duplicity
Author: Lisa J Hobman
Estimated Release: December
Cover Designed by: JC Clarke of the Graphics Shed
Hosted By:Francessca’s PR & Design


 photo Ebook Cover_zpsd73dydco.jpg

Fin Hunter has spent his life striving for his father’s elusive love and approval by following a life path set out for him and not of his own choosing. However, when he is yet again blamed for something out of his control, he snaps. Deciding to stand on his own two feet, he chooses to follow his true passion – music. But will he find real happiness?

Star Mendoza is living her dream in Edinburgh, a place she discovered in British novels while growing up in a small USA town. Now working in a city coffee shop, the tattooed, pink-haired young woman fantasises about the handsome businessman she serves on a daily basis. He’s totally out of her league but a girl can dream. Suddenly he stops calling in only to show up again in the most unlikely of places. Could her fantasy now become a reality? Or is the attraction of opposites doomed to fail?

 photo Teaser2_zpsqf9jt0ge.jpg

About The Author

 photo Lisa J_zps6tmcotow.jpg

I’m a happily married mum with two crazy dogs and a thing for men with tattoos! In May 2012 I relocated from Yorkshire to my favourite place in the world, Scotland. The time since then has been a rollercoaster!

I love writing, singing and I’m very passionate about music. My tastes are quite eclectic.

My debut novel Bridge Over the Atlantic was shortlisted in the 2014 RoNA awards and I have written many more since!

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Book Review : It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.


I’ll be the first to admit that, while I have enjoyed Colleen Hoover’s work in the past, the last few books haven’t quite hit the mark for me.  Not in the same way as her earlier ones.  Some were better than others for sure, but they were lacking that magic I experienced with HOPELESS and SLAMMED.  I picked up IT ENDS WITH US expecting more of that, and boy, was I wrong!  The blurb couldn’t have prepared me for the emotional onslaught these pages packed.  And then all of Ms. Hoover’s social media references to giving her all our tears made sense to me.  Because I gave them all to her!

IT ENDS WITH US completely wrecked me.  The first 35% I kept thinking this is all too cute and sweet, what’s going to happen.  And once you figure out where this is going (and the title then clicked for me) my heart started breaking.  And I don’t think it ever recovered until the very last few pages.

It’s easy to see that this was an emotional book to write because that gut wrenching experience came through vividly for the reader.  This was even clearer after reading Ms. Hoover’s note in the end.  And then more tears were shed.

I think what I can appreciate the most about this book is how it made me think.  There are many subjects we all think we know better and we know what we should and would do if confronted with those situations.  But we often don’t put ourselves in the shoes of the person going through it.  The fact that this book made me rethink that, and even question what would’ve been a given decision at certain points was eye opening for me.  And it definitely made me have a new appreciation for the strength required to overcome those situations.

This is Colleen Hoover’s best work in a really long time!  I would say best ever, but I wish the beginning would’ve gripped me more.  One thing is for sure.  Once it did, it didn’t let my heart go.  It put it through the wringer and left it in a million pieces on the floor.  This is not an easy book to read, but it’s an experience I highly recommend.

I know I’m being terribly vague, but I don’t want to spoil the book for you.  You may have the misconception from the blurb that this might be a love triangle.  So I’ll just clarify one thing.  It’s really isn’t, and there’s an explanation for that.  It is a story about second chances.  And there is no cheating.  Hopefully that clears enough hang ups you may have.  But just know this one thing.  This book is touching, it’s hard, it’s emotional, it’s heartbreaking, it’s deep, and it’s very human.  And after all that heartache there’s a happily ever after I could be excited for and made me smile.  I have to say thank you to Ms. Hoover for opening up her heart with all of us and sharing this story.  Now that I’ve finished writing this, I feel like I need a few minutes to go quietly cry in a corner and put my heart back together.

Favorite quote:

“There is no such thing as bad people.  We’re all jut people who sometimes do bad things.”

Fifteen seconds. That’s all it takes to completely change everything about a person. Fifteen seconds that we’ll never get back.

Book Review : RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard


This book simply blew my mind away. Until now, I still haven’t figured out how to articulate my love and adoration for this book. Hence the delay in this review, but let me try anyway.

This started out SO GOOD. I LOVED the whole idea about being divided by blood, and the silvers having these awesome powers,

I loved (and hated) all the betrayal and the fact that you never really know who you can trust.. that ending. Man was I shocked…

Mare – the heroine – is incontestably fearless, rather reckless, badass enough but… not a ruler born. She wants the best for her people and tries to free them with as much power as she can muster, but her taking rash important decisions draws affliction to her person and people around her. A lot. Lot. If becoming a queen is her destiny, then she requires some character development. I enjoyed her and her vision of a better world for Reds, but couldn’t exactly connect with her. I’m more of a thinker, ponderer, while she’s definitely a combatant.

You know what? There is a love triangle – almost… square? – but it wasn’t a bother. It made sense and, here and there, was actually strategic. Oh, manipulation corners every chapter. If you think that there will be no sacrifices/collateral damages to getting the freedom desired, well then you might be quite shocked

Red Queen deserves everything it acquired thus far: thousands of five-star ratings and reviews from readers of all over the world, a discernible tremendous hype that got to me with much force and… its standing as #1 New York Times Bestseller.

Book Review | The wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh


I’m a big fan of fairytale retellings, and I’m always looking for ones that are outside the usual western European stories. The Wrath and the Dawn is a retelling of 1001 Nights (sometimes called the Arabian Nights), a collection of traditional Arabic folk tales with a framing story about a murderous king who kills his new wives at dawn every morning.

In this version, 18-year-old Khalid is the Caliph (or King) of Khorasan. Every day, he takes a new bride, who is then murdered the following morning. After her best friend is killed, a young woman named Shahrzad volunteers to become the Caliph’s next bride. She want revenge, but to get it, she’ll have to make it past the first night. She tells him a story and he’s intrigued enough to keep her alive for another day. And thus begins an elaborate power struggle between the spouses, as Shahrzad begins to see that her husband is perhaps not the monster she assumes him to be.

I really enjoyed The Wrath and the Dawn. Shahrzad is an awesome heroine. Even with her need for revenge, she’s smart enough to take the long view and she finds ways to keep Khalid fascinated enough to spare her life each day. Khalid is an interesting character. A guy who kills a wife a day isn’t exactly appealing, but the author makes him compelling. It’s clear from the beginning that Khalid isn’t a just a psychopath and that there’s something more going on, but Shahrzad will have to break down a lot of barriers to get to the truth. Their game of cat and mouse is fascinating to read about, and I had moments of dread when Shahrzad was pushing at Khalid, wondering what might make him snap. And as she’s plotting her revenge, she finds herself developing unexpected feelings for her husband. It’s a tense, absorbing read.

I did have some small issues with the writing. There were times when the descriptions felt a bit overdone. For example, every time characters are eating, we’re given a detailed description of the food, which felt unnecessary after the first couple of times. And the reader is constantly reminded of the eye colors of the two main characters (hazel for Shahrzad and amber for Khalid). Eye color seems to be mentioned every few pages, and I found it annoying. But these are minor quibbles, and I’m sure many readers won’t be bothered by them. Also, I expected there to be more stories within the main story, given the source material, but there are only a few.

I highly recommend The Wrath and the Dawn, and I’ll be back for the sequel next year.