Book Review : Orphan Train



This is a story involving a real period in history when children, who were orphaned or just given away, had been put on train from one state to another state of the U.S.A. into the care of a new family.
The children in this story were intrusted to families in many cases to help with household chores or cheap labor and the family was supposedly to give in return food, shelter and schooling. The sad fates on the children in this tale make hard reading and the negligence of those that handed them over shocking and careless. These new carers had no suitable checks their personalities their behaviors and minds were damaging to the characters in this story. There is a some joy for the main girl of this story eventually after being in the hands of harm they found some safety.
This story is told through two women, a teen Molly, and an elderly lady Vivian.
They both meet due to Molly, who lives with foster parents, having to do some community service time, she is pointed in the direction of Vivian who has a large home and an attic that needs cleaning out and sorting. What she finds is that she embarks in a conversation on the past of this wise woman, Vivian, and her life that partook in her being on an orphan train. This woman Vivian tells her journey, her harrowing experiences. She tells of the people she encountered in her youth, her journey makes heartbreaking reading.
She was a young red head from Ireland whose family when arriving in the USA found life very tough, and when the 1930′s depression era hit they found it even harder.
Together in their conversation and speaking of their past their piece together and settle some pains and reunite lost hearts.

A great important story that was handled wonderfully by this very capable writer.

I loved this book :-). I had never heard of the Orphan Trains so it was great to learn something while reading. The parts of the book set in the past were my favorite although I did like Molly’s story as well. I had a few tears at the end. Looking forward to the movie :-).



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