Book Review : RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard


This book simply blew my mind away. Until now, I still haven’t figured out how to articulate my love and adoration for this book. Hence the delay in this review, but let me try anyway.

This started out SO GOOD. I LOVED the whole idea about being divided by blood, and the silvers having these awesome powers,

I loved (and hated) all the betrayal and the fact that you never really know who you can trust.. that ending. Man was I shocked…

Mare – the heroine – is incontestably fearless, rather reckless, badass enough but… not a ruler born. She wants the best for her people and tries to free them with as much power as she can muster, but her taking rash important decisions draws affliction to her person and people around her. A lot. Lot. If becoming a queen is her destiny, then she requires some character development. I enjoyed her and her vision of a better world for Reds, but couldn’t exactly connect with her. I’m more of a thinker, ponderer, while she’s definitely a combatant.

You know what? There is a love triangle – almost… square? – but it wasn’t a bother. It made sense and, here and there, was actually strategic. Oh, manipulation corners every chapter. If you think that there will be no sacrifices/collateral damages to getting the freedom desired, well then you might be quite shocked

Red Queen deserves everything it acquired thus far: thousands of five-star ratings and reviews from readers of all over the world, a discernible tremendous hype that got to me with much force and… its standing as #1 New York Times Bestseller.

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