Book Review: Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen


Seventeen-year old Ruby has been living on her own for the past two months since her mother left. She has no idea where her mother went, and hasn’t heard from her since. Ruby has been getting by, just barely but this is about to change when the landlords of the tiny house they’ve been renting, discover she’s alone. They alert the authorities, and suddenly Ruby is taken in by her sister Cora. Things were different when Ruby’s sister Cora still lived at home, she sort of made it her job to care for Ruby and protect her from their mother. However, Cora’s been gone for ten years, left when she went off to college, and Ruby’s heard little from her since. This does not make for a happy reunion because Ruby doesn’t want to let anyone in, let anyone close. She certainly doesn’t welcome her sister’s assistance. Ruby would rather just rely on herself, that way she has no one else to let her down. So she makes a plan to just stick it out at her sister’s until she turns eighteen, then she’s out of there.

The best things about this book were the characters and the way the characters interacted with each other. There are so many different relationship dynamics in this book and I loved every single relationship. I liked all of the characters but I absolutely adored Jamie. He was such a sweetheart and I just thought he was so so lovely. The things he did for Cora made me love him even more. I loved Ruby’s character development. She completely changed because she gradually opened herself up to new experiences and new people. It was a slow process where Ruby assessed situations and then after some time, her negative thinking changed to positive thinking. It was a very inspirational change.


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