Book Review : The truth about forever


This books is a perfect nighttime companion. Watching Macy deal with her father’s death and the difficulty in trying maintain a facade of perfectionism, kept me reading long past the time I should have been asleep.

What I love about the 2 books I’ve read of Ms. Dessen so far is the crazy cast of secondary characters. They add so much to the story, and they’re all so vibrant and intriguing, and you really feel for them too. LOVED Kristy, Monica, Bert and Delia!

The relationship between Wes and Macy was definitely a highlight. I LOVED how they played the Truth game and asked really intriguing questions and didn’t shy away from one another. What a great way to build a relationship. I loved that while there was definitely sa-woon crush moments, it was built on friendship first. But holy wow, Wes was da bomb. I want a Wes…

This book had so many perfect moments for me, it was just a treat to read and kept me up late into the night finishing it.


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